November 2017 – Afforestation of two sites in Ainata

During 6-16th November 2017 two experts from CTFC coordinated the afforestation of 13 ha in Ainata. A total of 7,700 seedlings were planted. The species were chosen in accordance to the ecological site conditions and the demands from the local groups: cedar (Cedrus libani) and Syrian pear (Pyrus syriaca).

The soil preparation was done manually, with planting pits sized 40x40x40 cm. After planting the conditions were modified at micro-site level:
i) micro-basin with a counter-slope to concentrate rainfall and prevent erosion
ii) runoff traps to maximize runoff input
iii) stone mulching to reduce soil evaporative losses and temperature.

Moreover, the perimeter of the afforestations will be fenced to prevent browsing damage.

Site preparation

Seedling planted with a micro-basin and stone mulch

Seedling planted with a micro-basin, runoff traps and stone mulching

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